Little Things, Big Difference

Benefits of choosing Hilti power tool inserts.

Pairing Hilti inserts with your Hilti combi-hammer can maximise your tool's overall performance, saving you time and money.

  • Cost of purchasing - the price you pay for accessories is typically higher if you buy premium products. However, when Hilti inserts are used with Hilti tools, you will be able to save on cost and be more efficient on site.
  • Time is money - abundant effort and time go into selecting and buying the right accessories for tools depending on the type of application. The time will relatively be less if the inserts are bought in bulk, but will be higher if you need to drive to the retailer to purchase a single insert every time.
  • Cost of the power tool - Because a premium insert will do the job faster, your power tool will last longer. In fact, the main factor for the lifetime of a power tool is its working time. If an accessory allows you to finish the job 80% faster, the power tool will last 80% longer.

•    Dust - The faster the insert works, the lower the exposure time to dust. What's more, 4-cutter bits (TE-YX) remove the dust more efficiently as the hole is drilled, so there's less risk of exposure when the anchor hole is brushed or blown clean.
•    Vibration - The faster the insert works, the less the worker is exposed to vibration. Hilti power tools and accessories are designed in unison, contributing to lower vibration levels.

•    Our accessories last longer, so they require less steel, hard metal, carbide heads, diamonds and other resources than standard accessories to finalize a job.
•    Buying accessories less often, reduces the time spent driving or having them delivered which results in saving on CO2.
•    With Hilti inserts, the job gets done quicker, saving on the electricity needed to power the tools.

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