All the cordless advantages at corded price

our cordless Platform

64 cordless tools functioning on the 22V platform with a battery choice of 2.6A or 5.2A. This allows you to swap the batteries between all the tools and use 1 charger for all the batteries.

Battery Warranty

Hilti provides outstanding service for the entire life of the product- completely free of charge for the first two years’ form date of purchase- covering repair or replacement of defective parts (even parts subject to wear and tear!) and including free pick-up and return transport. Hilti has now achieved yet another first in the industry; extending Hilti Lifetime Service to include not only the tools, but the batteries and charges of the Hilti CPC systems as well. After that, Hilti continues to prove the quality of its products by setting a repair cost limit- for the entire life of the product


Your independent solution tools on 22V platform

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