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Cordless Tools

See how to increase your productivity and mobility by using cordless tools: hammer drill drivers, impacts, angle grinders, rotary hammers and saws

Cordless SDS Plus Rotary Hammers
Find the ideal power tool for your everyday construction work: Power from 22 to 36 Volt and weight class from 2-4 kg (4-9 lbs.), with different modes for drilling and chiseling. Compare the safety functions (dust reduction, lower vibration) of the tools.
Cordless SDS Max Rotary Hammers
Find out how our SDS Max (TE-Y) rotary hammers are designed for high performance and power efficiency in heavy-duty concrete drilling
Cordless Drill Drivers and Screwdrivers
Find out how our cordless drills and hammer drills are designed for longer run time and higher-performance drilling and driving in wood, metal and masonry
Cordless impact drivers & wrenches
Find out how our cordless impact drivers and wrenches are designed for longer run time and higher performance in light- to heavy-duty driving and bolting
Cordless saws
Find out how our cordless saws are designed for heavy-duty cutting in metal, wood, drywall, masonry or plastics
Cordless Grinders
Find out how our cordless angle grinders are designed for longer run time and higher performance for metal and mineral cutting and grinding
Cordless Fastening Tools
Find out about our combustion-free nailers for driving nails into concrete, steel and some types of solid masonry
Cordless Measuring Tools
Find out how our cordless measuring tools are designed for maximum run time
Cordless Dispensers
Find out how our electric caulking, adhesive anchor and sealant dispensers are designed to increase productivity and reduce waste
Cordless Vacuums & Dust Management
Find out how our cordless vacuum cleaners and dust management accessories can maximise power tool performance and create cleaner jobsites
Cordless Jobsite Lights & Radios
Find out how our jobsite lights and radios are designed for better working conditions
Cordless Tool Batteries & Chargers
Find out how our batteries and chargers are designed to provide our tools with higher performance and run time
Cordless Combo Kits
Find out about our preconfigured cordless combo kits with the tools and inserts you need daily on the jobsite
Accessories for Cordless Tools
Find out about our accessories for cordless tools designed to expand and enhance their functionality

Unleash the Power

Cordless tools designed to help you get the job done faster

Dedicated to helping customers improve productivity, Hilti offers cordless tools that finish the job without interruption, software and services that support your business, and trained account managers that can work with you to develop your business for the future.

Strong enough to take on the most challenging applications, Hilti’s cordless tools and batteries deliver corded power, no-strings-attached flexibility and a battery charge that can last the whole day.

Cordless Tools

Innovations that deliver

Designed to increase productivity, our cordless tools offer maximum performance without the cord. As today's jobsites change, we continue to develop new and innovative tools to meet your evolving workflow, performance and safety requirements.


Jobsite Solutions

A wide range of uses

From measuring and alignment to cutting and drilling, our range of cordless tools continuously delivers maximum performance for every application so you can finish the job without interruption.



The intelligence inside

With a history defined by pioneering innovations, Hilti has developed tool technology for improving productivity, safety, and user comfort.  Take a look at the different types of technology that go into Hilti tools and how they deliver the performance you demand.


Business & Tool Services

Helping you operate more efficiently

With dedicated technical consultants and longstanding know-how in the construction business, Hilti strives to provide the right solution for your applications. Our expertise in product technology combined with world-class services and industry expertise will help you to take control of your jobsite profitability.

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