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  • LED panel outputs 3000 lumens of light while reducing heat emissions in close working conditions and staying cool to the touch
  • Specially designed professional optics – limits stray light to minimise glare for those not directly using the light
  • Three brightness modes (100%, 66%, 33%) with memory function to return to previous setting when powering on
  • Foot/base design allows for hanging or mounting from a variety of jobsite surfaces including pipes, scaffolding, boards, etc.
  • Horizontal (180º) and vertical (360º) rotation of light head – a variety of options to illuminate your work area
  • Illumination of unlit and poorly lit work areas
  • Replaces traditional filament-based corded flood and stand lights
  • Overhead lighting when hung by integrated hooks in light foot/base
  • Stand/downward lighting when attached to a tripod or stand using the 5/8" thread attachment point
  • Suitable for use in confined spaces

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SL 6-A22 cordless area light

A powerful and portable cordless area light to light up any jobsite

Moving materials around extension cords to support temporary lighting is expensive and a hassle. With multiple mounting options, the SL 6-A22 cordless area light helps increase productivity by reducing the need for extension cords, making it an ideal work light for illuminating medium to large spaces.

Features and functions with the jobsite in mind

Adjustable head of the SL 6-A22

Horizontal and vertical rotation

Flexible mounting with the SL 6-A22

Flexible mounting options

Optical design of the SL 6-A22 reduce glare

Optical design to reduce glare

SL 6-A22 offers 9 hours of continuous light

Up to 9 hours of light with the 22V 8.0 Ah battery

SL 6-A22 cordless LED area light can easily attach to many surfaces

Attach wherever you need

Versatile legs let you attach the SL 6-A22 on a variety of surfaces such as pipes, scaffolding, drywall track or boards, and the 5/8” tripod thread allows for the attachment to tripods and other mounting devices.

SL 6-A22 cordless LED area light is designed to focus light

Focused beam for focused work

Reducing glare and light overspill, the optical design in the SL 6-A22 focuses the LED beam to give you a smooth, shadowless view in your working area.

SL 6-A22 cordless LED area light gives you all the brightness without the heat

LED brightness without the heat

Delivering 3000 lumens of light, the LED panel. gives you the brightness you need while staying cool to the touch. Three brightness levels and a "last used" function let you adjust based on your needs.

An integrated 5/8” thread provides even more flexibility

PUA 25 Tripod

PUA 25 tripod

Heavy-duty tripod, height adjustable between 3' 5" to 5' 5", and weighs 7.9 lbs.

Shop the PUA 25 tripod
PRA 72 wall mount adaptor

PRA 72 wall mount adapter

For mounting on walls, tripods, columns or ceilings.

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