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Features & Applications

  • Fire-resisting cementitious adhesive anchor with bond strength performance compared with a cast-in rebar even at temperatures up to 500°C – HIT-FP 700 R provides you the possibility of an efficient and code-compliant solution for most fire-rated structural connections e.g. EC2, Part 1
  • Extensive range of assessment documents – ETA documentation for fire, static and 100-year working life available
  • Compatible with the Hilti SafeSet technique – save time on-site and minimise room for installation errors by using hollow drill bits with a compatible Hilti vacuum cleaner
  • Easier to handle – this cementitious adhesive anchor is compatible with your existing Hilti adhesive dispensers, helping to minimise wastage and time, especially when used with Hilti HDE battery-powered dispensers
  • Specifier support available – use Hilti PROFIS Engineering software to simplify the design of post-installed fire-rated concrete-to-concrete connections, or contact your local Hilti Engineering Team for advice on complex projects
  • Fire-rated post-installed rebar connections, including splice connections between new and existing concrete, new columns, column and beam extensions and closing of openings
  • Post-installed concrete-to-concrete civil applications, including bridge extensions and diaphragm trench walls
  • Compared to vinylester and epoxy mortars, FP 700 R is characterised by a longer curing process, similar to normal weight concrete. This product is engineered in such a way as to allow a seamless integration with current state-of-the-art rebar installation processes

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