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Features & Applications

  • Innovative performance – our next-generation anchors offer improved concrete capacity and pull-out loads, allowing you to optimise baseplate size and anchor usage and get more value out of your materials
  • Unlock flexibility – anchors can be securely installed in shallow embedment depths for productivity and deep embedment depths for increased performance with flexible edge and spacing distances
  • Faster and easier installation – install our full range of anchors quickly with our Adaptive torque compatible tools and without the need for borehole cleaning
  • Safer and more reliable– patented anti-spin expansion cone designed to eliminate spinning issues for a more reliable anchor installation
  • Cost-saving design – pair with PROFIS Engineering software to simplify the design of steel-concrete connections and reduce material costs
  • Fastening baseplates, handrails, façade systems and mechanical, electrical, or plumbing supports to concrete
  • Fastening in cracked and uncracked concrete required for building code compliancy
  • Qualified to resist seismic actions and loads; for full coverage of ETA approved C1 and C2 critical connection requirements
  • Suitable for dry indoor and outdoor use
  • Qualified to resist seismic actions and loads; for full coverage of ACI compatible design requirements

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