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Features & Applications

  • Cut mortar wastage – dispense with millilitre precision, and use the Hilti Volume Calculator App to find out the ideal dosage setting based on your specific mortar, anchor, embedment depth and drilling diameter
  • Boost installation speed and quality – the simplicity and accuracy of battery-powered mortar dispensers are essential when you want to do it once, do it faster, do it as-designed
  • One-for-all versatility – with the HDE 500-A12, you can use the same electric mortar dispenser with any Hilti adhesive anchor foil pack
  • High-performance cordless tool platform – dispense at least 30 packs of mortar per charge, using the same batteries as all your other Hilti 12V power tools
  • Improve tool return on investment – upgrade from your throwaway manual dispensers: HDE 500-A12 is built to last for at least 700 foil packs
  • Injecting Hilti HIT epoxy or adhesive mortar for fastening anchor rods and rebar in concrete and masonry
  • Dispensing Hilti firestop foams (only when packaged in compatible soft foil packs)

Technical Data

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