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Features & Applications

  • Part of the Hilti MT system – an economical, all-in-one solution for virtually all modular MEP support structures
  • Easy to install – one-step assembly using Hilti MT-TFB thread-forming bolts
  • Optimised load-to-weight ratio – engineered for maximum pipe ring/cable tray capacity with minimum self-weight
  • Economical & efficient - enabling the construction of "T" frames - reducing material, time and anchorage points to the base material
  • Adaptable – unlike welding, angle brackets allow you to modify strut channel framing during installation and for future MEP requirements
  • Constructing T-beams to support heavy-duty MEP installations by fastening to an upright MT-90 or MT-100 girder
  • Suitable for use in moderately corrosive environments

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