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Features & Applications

  • Longer battery reach – the combination of the brushless motor and the universal wood blade provide less downtime and more productivity per charge
  • Faster cutting speed – the brushless motor combined with a 165 mm universal wood blade result in increased cutting speed
  • Increased dust capture rate – exposure to harmful fine dust is reduced thanks to the new dust channel
  • 60 mm cutting depth covers most of the applications you need
  • Designed for more efficient, accurate cutting – the ergonomic design, compact shape and light weight help you make straight, accurate cuts faster
  • Cutting formwork boards, OSB, plywood, chipboard, plastics, rafters and battens
  • Faster, straighter cuts up to 60 mm depth in wood and other board
  • Interior finishing – cutting plasterboard, MDF and HDF
  • Trimming and fitting wood and sheet materials
  • Ripping and crosscutting as well as bevel and mitre cuts

Product Variants & Sets

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