Asset Management for the construction industry

Tool Park Management

Cut Costs and Boost Productivity

Hilti Tool Park Management helps reduce and control costs for your tools, with a monthly fee to cover using, repairing and upgrading the Hilti tools you need.

Tool Park Management: Our Solution That Helps You Cut Costs and Boost Profits

Hilti Tool Park Management

What you get with Tool Park Management

Tool services

Tool Park Optimization

Right tool park as per business needs reducing overall cost

Tool rental

4 years free repair cost

Fast, quality repairs, free of charge for the entire period of use 

Retro-Active Service Extension

Tool on Demand

Hire Hilti tools based on your need, avoid big investement on seldom used tools

Tool Park Optimization

Retro-Active Warranty Extension

Add Hilti tools <2 years old to Tool Park Management and benefit from the same set of services 

Inserts Voucher (Tool buy-back)

10% inserts to buy back old tools 

Connected Tools

Have full transparency of your tools. (identification, warranty status, repair order)

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Tool on Demand

Cut Costs and Boost Productivity


Tool services

TPM Contractors only pay for what they Need

Tool rental

Our Solution

Optimize your tool park with tool park management and on tool on demand solutions


Tool services


  • No hidden costs(repairs, admin, etc.)
  • No on-the-spot purchases
  • Less downtime (3 or free)
Tool rental


  • Clear budgeting as per your plan (pay for usage only)
  • No tools sitting idle on your shelves
  • No downtime (immediate replacement)

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