PROFIS Detection Scan Analysis Evaluation Service

If you’d like help with analyzing data from your scans using our Hilti PS 250 Ferroscan or Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan detection systems, then you can contact your local Hilti team.

We have Hilti experts who can look at your scan data and optimize the data for you, specifying the best design for your project.

This covers:


Estimate the depth of concrete cover and rebar size - based on scan data from our Hilti PS 250 Ferroscan. This is important for building regulations and for safety. You can check there’s enough concrete cover for earthquake regions, or to prevent corrosion, or provide thermal insulation or give rebar enough embedding to keep it stressed without slipping.

Layout and type of objects

Analyze the layout of objects and what they are, using scan data from our Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan detection system. Find rebar, live wires, metal or plastic pipes and more, and analyze their layout over a wide area and multiple layers.

  • We offer an hourly service for a single scan or a daily service for multiple scans.
  • We can provide both an analysis of your scan data and detailed documentation – including statistics reports, measuring points, drill hole markers and more.

We use our Hilti PROFIS Detection software to conduct our analysis.

Please contact your local Hilti team for more information.


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