Flexible anchoring and support solutions for machinery plants

Whether you need to equip a new machinery plant, retool an existing one or require solutions for an operational factory, we offer you a wide range of solutions. For anchoring machines or other equipment that needs fastening to steel or concrete, you can select Hilti anchors with relevant approvals for your application. Modular platforms, pipe supports and cable tray supports are designed to make installing services safer and simpler. In addition, our cordless tools can give you both reliability and flexibility, making them ideal for use in both production and non-production areas.


Fastening dynamic equipment

End-to-end fastening solutions for high-value dynamic equipment

Machinery plants often rely on high-value dynamic equipment such as robots, as well as vibratory machinery including pumps, compressors and heat exchangers. When you need to fasten items like these to concrete, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of more reliable and specified anchors with global standards and approvals. PROFIS Engineering Premium combines post-installed anchor and baseplate design as well as analysis, in one cloud-based software platform, offering workflow improvements and productivity gains when assessing steel-to-concrete connections.

Fastening equipment to concrete

Full range of anchoring solutions with type approvals

The ability to fasten non-dynamic equipment to concrete is central to machinery facilities. We are your full anchoring solutions provider, with a broad range of mechanical and chemical post-installed anchors, all with type approvals for fastening to concrete in different situations. Hilti tools, including cordless drills with Active Torque Control and vacuum systems for dust control, help make anchor layout and installation faster and simpler – helping give you peace of mind for each application.

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Utility pipe supports

Modular piping solutions for machinery plants

As machinery plants are built, extended or reconfigured, you need to install a whole range of non-critical MEP piping. Traditionally, the industry has relied on welded pipe supports that are not only unnecessarily heavy, but also slow to install and difficult to adjust. Our modular pipe support systems make it much simpler to fit and re-fit small pipes to a structure, giving you more flexibility across every project and helping lower total cost of ownership. In addition, you can work up to 20 percent faster when you install anchors with an impact wrench fitted with an Adaptive Torque (AT) module.

Modular cable tray and ladder supports

Easier integration of multiple systems such as HVAC, electrical and piping

We bring you the benefits of modular cable tray and cable ladder supports, giving you a more flexible alternative to cumbersome heavy-load cable trays or waterfall supports. Faster to install and easier to modify, the Hilti modular support systems allow you to integrate multiple systems such as electrical, HVAC and piping. They also make late design changes of cable routing simpler to apply. PROFIS Engineering software with modular plug-ins for 3D modeling can also help you to design more robust cable tray and cable ladder systems with the correct type approvals.

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Time saving systems for machinery plants

We offer modular support systems that can be used for the simultaneous routing of pipes, ventilation, sprinkler, electrical and seismic applications within your machinery plant. More flexible and easier to adjust, these patented multi-discipline supports include an innovative grid approach that allows the end-user to decouple engineering and construction. Removing the need for laborious welding and separate MEP supports, these support systems are designed to be more reliable and faster to install - ideal for a wide range of projects and applications.

Production and maintenance solutions

Wide range of support systems for machinery manufacturing facilities

Our wide range of solutions for production and maintenance areas are designed with speed of assembly or installation in mind. They include:

• Cordless tools such as drills, fasteners, impact wrenches and angle grinders that all run on the high-performing 22V Nuron battery platform. These tools also come with safety features such Active Torque Control and dust control systems to help protect the health of your crews in assembly and maintenance.

• Anchoring solutions with relevant approvals for fastening machines or other equipment on steel or concrete

Energy and industry project solutions

From mining to onshore oil and gas to shipbuilding, bring down the total costs of your asset over its entire life cycle with end-to-end project solutions that combine software, hardware and services. 

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Protect your teams

To help you reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on your jobsites, we invest heavily in safety technologies – whether it's tool-based dust control solutions, training, or systems for tracking worker certication. 

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Control tool costs

Simplify your financial planning and administration with our fleet management service. Pay a fixed monthly fee for all your tools including their use, service and repair costs. Say goodbye to hidden costs.

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