ON!Site Firestop Survey and Documentation

Take control of your firestop design and budget

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ON!Site Survey Service

Helps prevent unforeseen costs

Firestop is typically handled towards the end of a construction project. During the later phases of construction contractors may have insufficient resources left for effective firestopping and may be forced to go over budget. Some applications require corresponding engineering judgment due to their complexity, leading to further unplanned expenses. We can help you prevent these unexpected situations.

Onsite survey service estimates firestop cost and product solution

ON!SITE Documentation Service

Helps simplify third-party firestop inspection

Incorrect or inappropriate installation can lead to inspection failure during the construction phase which can be costly and cause delays in the project handover. We can support you by arranging for an expert to document your Hilti firestop installations prior to the building’s inspection.

Onsite documentation vouches for quality installation prior to inspection

What's in it for me

ON!Site Survey Service

  • Provides a professional report that includes all surveyed attributes and applications.
  • Identifies the firestop solutions required on the floor plan.
  • Provides a UL listing or engineering judgment number, product solution and images.
  • Provides a detailed budget estimate for the proposed Hilti solutions.

ON!Site Documentation Service

  • Provides a professional report that documents the firestop installation work carried out in a construction project.
  • Will make installation improvement recommendations based on a visual check.  
  • Visually identifies the firestop solutions on the floor plan.

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