Verona Forum – an ambitious redevelopment project in Northern Italy

Avoid welding completely by using Hilti shear connectors for composite beams

Hilti construction project in Verona


Hilti construction project in Verona

This was a large construction project, redeveloping the Foro Boario area next to the west gate of Verona’s Exhibition Centre.

It included two new buildings, a 11,300m2 office tower and a four star business hotel of 8,000 m2.  Designed by Architect Mario Bellini, the project uses inventive design and technological features throughout to reduce its energy consumption.

Structurally, the office tower and the hotel have a central core made of concrete to accommodate service stairs, technical compartments and elevators. The material used for the floors consists of a steel-concrete solution with steel beam framework, made with commercial profiles and a concrete slab.


Hilti shear connectors were chosen to fasten composite beams in the decking and flooring.
These are designed to prevent sliding between the steel and concrete, and are an effective alternative to welding.
Hilti X-HVB shear connectors in various sizes were installed using our powder-actuated tools, which are powerful enough to penetrate the steel beam.

The advantages of our system were:

  • There was no need for an external energy supply – so the installer could work independently even when it was raining, very humid or very cold
  • Installation wasn’t affected by the coating of the metal beams (for instance if they were painted or galvanized) as there was no need for welding
  • There was no need for a certified welder or specialist skills onsite



  • Hilti DX 76 semi-automatic powder-actuated tool

    DX 76 semi-automatic powder-actuated tool

    A heavy-duty fastener for driving collated nails on steel structures

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    X-HVB shear connector

    X-HVB shear connector

    Economical shear connectors for concrete-steel composite construction, helping to reduce the total cost of installation

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