Bluetooth enabled equipment tracking with BLE smart tags

Bluetooth enabled equipment tracking

Keen to keep an eye on your most important or high value equipment? With our new Bluetooth enabled ON!Track smart tags you can see which equipment is nearby, or where you left it last - regardless of manufacturer

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ON!Track is the asset management solution built for the construction industry and has already helped thousands of customers around the world to stay productive and compliant.

Now with the addition of our new BLE (Bluetooth low energy) enabled ON!Track smart tags it is even easier to find your stuff. Simply use the ON!Track app and your mobile device will pick up all your smart tagged equipment that's nearby - it's that quick and easy!

Already an ON!Track user? Ask your Hilti Service Specialist about our exclusive bundle offer of BLE ON!Track smart tags and training.

Hilti ON!Track: because a “digital jobsite” is not just a buzzword, it’s a reality.

See how BLE ON!Track smart tags can digitalise your jobsite

Hilti ON!Track

New features include

Easy inventory checking with our BLE ON!Track smart tags

Inventory check

Check your inventory at the touch of a button - be faster and more accurate.

find out where your equipment was last seen with out BLE ON!Track smart tags

Last seen

Check where an item was last seen to avoid wasting time searching for it.

find your tools nearby with our BLE ON!Track smart tags

Find nearby

Check what is nearby so nothing is lost or left behind.

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