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Features & Applications

  • Quick and easy fastening method for insulation applications – up to five times faster than conventional methods
  • Suitable for 25-200 mm thick insulation
  • Fastener tip designed to improve fastening quality and ease penetration into insulation material
  • No holes in the fastener shank – helping prevent mold and moisture penetration in the insulation material (applies to fastener lengths from 40-200 mm)
  • Unique "fin" self-sealing design on the plate – allowing one-step fastening
  • One system for fastening mineral wool, EPS, XPS, PIR, PUR, wood-wool and fibre-cement faced boards to soft concrete and to masonry
  • Fastening insulation material to walls and ceilings
  • Fastening insulation material in light-ventilated façade application (LVF)
  • Fastening insulation material to the bottom of concrete slab (ceiling)
  • Fastening basement perimeter wall insulation (foundation wall)

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