Have you ever thought about how much your tools are really costing you?

What you pay for the initial purchase of your tools is usually only the beginning as the total cost of ownership comes with many direct and indirect fees. Think about repair and maintenance, calibration and batteries, the time it takes to organize tools, the time it takes to process repairs.

To calculate the true cost of your tools, you’ll then need to consider both direct and indirect costs. The purchase price is often only the tip of the iceberg.

Tool Park Optimization

Tool Park Management for the Construction Industry

Choose from a wide selection of tools, and then get a set of unmatched services (free repairs, loan tools, tool rental) to cut your costs and keep you productive all the time.

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We buy your tools back

Replace your old tools with our Tool Park Management solution – we’ll buy back your old tools with a voucher that you can use on our award-winning consumables.

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