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PROFIS Software Application


Why do I need to register?
PROFIS  registration permits us to better serve our users. Registration helps us to understand usage trends, develop future software functionality and contact users affected by a software bugs or safety-related issue. It also allows users to receive software updates, access technical support and stay informed of the latest software features and products.

How will you use my contact information?
Contact details provided during software registration will be held confidential and will not be sold, misused, or result in any unsolicited/spam emails.

Do I have to register each time I install or update the software?
The software registration and the license key are valid for use on a single PC. You will need a new license key if:
1. PROFIS Software has been uninstalled from the computer machine where license key used.
2. PROFIS Anchor has been installed on a different computer.
Note that you will not need to re-register to generate a new license key. Just login at Hilti Online ( by entering your registration email and password and order new license key (click here for instructions on how to order a license key)

How can I download PROFIS Software?
Click here to follow the step-by-step instructions on how to download PROFIS software.

What if I choose not to register?
PROFIS Software users are required to registration before they can use or update the software. Once you have completed the registration, you will receive a license key. You will be required to enter the license key within 30 days from the date you start using the software. Failing to enter the license key after the 30 days period has expired; you will not be able to use the software unless you enter the license key

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