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Services for your tools

You get more than just a tool

Unforeseen or hidden factors like repair costs can lead to serious productivity issues on the jobsite. Our service offering can help you avoid these additional costs and stay within budget.

You get more than just the tool. Our tool repair service is part of the purchase
2 years no-cost repairs

Repair costs are on us

Up to 2 years of no-cost repairs

Even though our tools are built to last, we will pay any repair costs of your tool for up to 2 years from the date of purchase. This includes labor costs, replacement of faulty parts (subject to wear and tear) as well as pick-up and delivery.

DX Maintenance Services

Limiting your damage

Repair cost limit

After the expiration of the initial no-cost period we put a limit on what a repair can cost you. For the lifetime of the tool we guarantee that the repair cost will not exceed a certain price. If the cost of the repair remains below this limit, you only pay the actual cost.


Guaranteeing the quality

Only original spare parts

We guarantee that tools are repaired using original Hilti spare parts of the highest quality, which we endorse through a no-cost period after each repair. (3 month repair warranty)

3 day repair service

Making sure it's quick

3 days or free

Repaired in 3 days or it’s free: we will return your tool in 3 working days or the repair is free. Any paid repairs which are returned to you after three days will be free of charge.

Hilti Connect Relaunch

Making it easy

No proof of purchase required

It has never been so easy to trigger a repair - just make one quick call for service. A tool repair can be requested via Hilti Connect or any of our four contact channels: online, your Account Manager, the customer services hotline or at your local Hilti Store. We aim to make the service process as easy as possible for you – therefore no proof of purchase is needed.

Get organized with our digital services

Our Digital Services

Productivity can be planned

The potential for productivity gains that the Internet of Things (IoT) can unlock in the construction industry is huge. In an industry with increasing cost pressures, we have a long tradition of developing solutions to help you improve your productivity and tool management.

Efficient tool management

ON!Track equipment management service


Manage and track your equipment where and when you need it. Follow the status of service and repair and avoid downtime

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